Will’s Place

Our Food Truck is delivering a taste of the Island of Puerto Rico, right here in the Fredericksburg area. We have a mix of traditional and Puerto Rican inspired foods that everyone can enjoy. We also offer catering. Our food is prepared with love, time and attention. We want to you to experience the same food we serve in our own kitchen! Come dine with us.

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Leap of Faith and
Love of Food

Back in 2015, we decided to take our love of food and community, step out in faith. It was always our dream to own our own business and so Will’s Place was born. It only made sense that we offer dishes from Puerto Rico where Will’s family is originally from. We took our passion for the kitchen and appreciation of food and began catering. Will’s Place Food Truck was the next logical step. Look for our Food Truck in Fredericksburg; Food Truck in Spotsylvania Courthouse or Food Truck in Stafford


Will’s Place developed out of a desire to see our local community come together. What better way to do that than through the universal language of food! Food unites us. It generates conversation, excitement and creativity!

Mi Comida es Su Comida

Come dine with us at Will’s Place where
a”My Food is Your Food.”


Cocina Criolla

Not Spicy or Hot. It’s a blend of Spanish, African, Taíno and American influence, using blends of coriander, cilantro, plantains, yautia, garlic, peppers and onions to create a flavor profile that is unforgettable.

If you have never tried come out and see us we’d love to feed you!


Our menu may vary based on availability or event.

Prices subject to change. subject to availability. please note food may have come in contact with peanuts or other allergens

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